This is Kathy's second year with us at CVCJ and we couldn't be more pleased to have her back! Check out her goods and a really special Art Deco screen covered in 1920's matchbooks! Incredible, can't wait to see!

First Name:  Kathy

Business Name:  AD/ADORNMENTS

How long?:  SINCE 1990

How'd you move into vintage fashion?   always loved vintage, collecting since the mid 80's

Are you a collector?   yes

What do you collect?   vintage jewelry, fabrics, buttons

What's a favorite piece you can't sell?  1890's fabric wall hanging  with griffons

What's your favorite thing to sell?  vintage beads, buttons, fabric

What sells fastest?   Hawaiian shirts, vintage picture buttons

Where are you from?   chicago

Do you have a shop online?  yes.

Are you bringing anything extra special to the show?  art deco screen covered with period matchbooks.

4 Kathy domonokos AD Adornments vintage fabric
3 Kathy domonokos AD Adornments screen with 1920s matchbooks
2 Kathy domonokos AD Adornments vintage brooch and fur clip
1 Kathy Domonokos AD Adornments
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