Nashville fashion has a point of view like no other. 

Nashville Vintage Clothing & Jewelry show features 60 curated vendors.

This select group will show vintage clothing,  jewelry, vintage dresses, vintage handbags, accessories, samples, fabrics, textiles and beyond!  Click below to visit many of our previous vendors to see what they are about.

You can expect vintage dresses from the 1890's through 1990's.  Victorian era clothing and jewelry will be represented as well as designer, clothing and handbags. Classic and designer and ALL ORIGINAL.  Vintage shoes and accessories of all kinds! Arts & Crafts era handbags, designer vintage jewelry and so much more!

Vintage Martini

Baby Grandma

Dethrose Vintage

Wini & I


Shop L-I-V-E-D

Field Mercantile

Macko Vintage

Union Craft Vintage

Knee Deep Vintage

Store B Vintage

Bad Sandy Vintage

The Lush Life

Bathing Beauty..

Bolted Vintage

Springfield Vintage

Maisie & Maude

Carrie’s Funky..

Viva Vintage Clothing

HonkyTonkStar Vintage

Vasso's Vintage

Two Quaker Hill

Barry Merchant

The Way We were

Happy Forest Vintage

Modern Times

Second Shift Vintage

Mary's Antiques

AD Adornments

Be Seeing You


KitKat Vintage

Spaghetti Vintage

Marlies' Epic Threads