The Astrid Pearlman Collection

Astrid and her husband Robert are an incredible team tuned in to all things vintage fashion. 2019 will be the first season they are with us for the Clothing and Jewelry show, but made their debut in the Chicago vintage scene last year (coming all the way from Traverse City in Northern Michigan!) and boy, did they impress us!

Uncompromising on quality with an eye for the unusual and eager to share her styling expertise, Astrid is a wonderful addition to our show and definitely on our “must-see” list! We caught up with Astrid to find out more.

Why vintage? According to my mother I started shopping when I was two weeks old and never stopped. Born in New York I had glimpses of art, fashion, and a world much bigger than my own. My shopping excursions took me from suburban malls to the windows at Bergdorf Goodman to outdoor markets, sample sales, you name it.

Consistently the pieces that proved to be the best value were vintage. I’m a sucker for quality craftsmanship, luxe materials and “designer details” which affordable vintage has in spades compared to fast fashion.

What do you collect? I love a little bit of everything as long as it’s got some artistry to it. I am not a “purist” - I love to mix eras when I get dressed. I think that is key to truly looking timeless: if your look doesn’t fit into any one era, it feels contemporary and relevant.

Lately I have really been feeling chunky jewelry, graphic prints, dramatic sleeves, texture, and bold colors. I aspire to collect more couture designer pieces as well as Georgian. However, my first love was 1920’s flapper style, so you see why I say a bit of everything!

What inspires you? I got my sense of style from my Grandma Paula. When I was young we used to flip through Vogue together while listening to Frank Sinatra on cassette. She even skipped school to meet Sinatra! Paula was a single mom at a time when that was unheard of and yet she was confident and always put-together.

When shopping with my family we would use the Yiddish word for “gaudy” to get each other’s opinion on something loud we liked. For the record, my mom almost always thought something was too gaudy but my grandma? Never.

Bold or classic, one thing mom grandma and I all agree on: You don’t want to see yourself coming and going!

What are you bringing to the show? Every piece is out of my personal collection and the last time I offered anything out of my archives was six months ago so there are lots of goodies. I am bringing some special antique garments from the Victorian era-1930’s that will easily translate for modern outfits. I also have designer clothing I’m thrilled to be able to share.

Where can we catch up with you? Follow me on Instagram @AstridPearlman

I share my own looks, style hacks, the care and keeping of vintage clothing and jewelry, and it’s where I’ll be posting previews of what I’m bringing to the show!

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