My dream show has always been a world class vintage clothing and jewelry show, now we’re taking it to Nashville in February 0f 2025.

Nashville Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show is the latest addition to Antiques Week in Nashville. NVCJ will join two other long running antiques events, The Nashville Show & Fiddlers at the Fairgrounds. There’s the Antiques and Garden Show Nashville at City Center and an additional show, The Heart of Tennessee is located in Lebanon, TN. For over 35 years, dealers and customers have made this special week one of America’s premier events in the antiques and vintage world.

What is Vintage Clothing?

Vintage clothing is defined as anything 25 years or older that is well made and desirable. Some are collectors, while others simply want to wear it. Vintage clothing is an excellent addition to any wardrobe. Designer clothes from the 1990s are among the most popular vintage fashions. It may have played a significant role in popularizing modern punk and new wave fashions.

Vintage clothing is defined as clothing manufactured in the 1990s or earlier. Much more was produced in the United States and Europe. A lot more than 2023. Something is not valuable simply because it is old. It takes desire and the desire to obtain these pieces. It’s difficult to beat the quality of vintage. Some of my favorite pieces are just over 25 years old. You’d never guess, but if you were to ask where it came from? You’ll discover that you can’t just order it from Amazon. Getting good vintage pieces to add to your wardrobe takes a little more determination and great taste.

Vintage Fox Brooch, 1940's at the Nashville Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show.
1950s dress brown Chiffon at the Nashville Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show!
Nashville Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show Fairgrounds Nashville, 2024

Melissa Sands

Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry and now Nashville Vintage Clothing and Jewelry show is brought to you by Vintage Promotions, LLC. Melissa Sands in conjunction with Jon Jenkins, Jenkins LLC (The Nashville Show, Tailgate & Music Valley Antiques Show, The Springfield Extravaganza).

I host  Vintage Garage Chicago,  previously Dallas Vintage Clothing and Jewelry, and now Nashville Vintage Clothing and Jewelry will debut in February.

I’ve worked my way through many categories of collecting over the past 25 years — My favorite is vintage jewelry and fashion.


Over the next 10 years, 2 generations are downsizing.

Boomers and their parents.  Antiques and vintage were popularized by Baby Boomers. Things like Jackie Kennedy’s antique-filled White House and the Bicentennial. The Baby Boomers are now downsizing their big homes and moving to condominiums. There’s no shortage of great antiques and vintage.

At the same time, they’re moving their parents to apartments or assisted living, leaving more items that won’t fit in apartments and condos.


Too many get a dumpster and start pitching things they don’t want anymore.  

This is the first time 2 generations are simultaneously downsizing and because of this, in 10 years our landfills will be absolutely over flowing.  It’s a serious environmental concern and one that should make you consider attempting to recirculate these pieces to give them a second life. There are also more recycling options than ever.

I can help

Call me before you throw anything away. I’m happy to provide guidance and advice on estates, estate sales, and estate liquidation. I also buy vintage clothing, vintage dresses, estate jewelry, vintage jewelry, and costume jewelry. Handbags, vintage, and more. From the 1890s to the 1990s.

My goal is to give them a second life.  Vintage is more affordable, higher quality and holds value. 

What I’m recognizing is, people come to me 1/2 way through the liquidation process because it’s so overwhelming and they are ready to give up.

There are numerous options available, and my services are available in the northern Chicago suburbs.

Send an email to hey@vintageclothingandjewelry.com or call 312-244-9763 and happy to consult with you free.