Over the next 10 years, 2 generations are downsizing. Baby Boomer and their parents.

Baby Boomers are the ones who made antiques and vintage hot.  Things like Jackie Kennedy decorating the White House in antiques and the Bicentennial. Now the Boomers are downsizing their estates and moving to condos. In the process liquidating estates full of antiques, vintage and other things.

At the same time, they’re moving their parents to apartments or assisted living, leaving more items that won’t fit in apartments and condos.


Too many get a dumpster and start pitching things they don’t want anymore.  

This is the first time 2 generations are simultaneously downsizing and because of this, in 10 years our landfills will be absolutely over flowing.  It’s a serious environmental concern and one that should make you consider attempting to recirculate these pieces to give them a second life. There are also more recycling options than ever.

Before you throw ANYTHING away, call me.  I’m happy to give advice and direction in terms of estates, estate sales and estate liquidation. I also buy a variety of things, vintage clothes, vintage dresses, estate jewelry, vintage jewelry and costume jewelry. Handbags, midcentury and more. 1890’s through the 1990’s.

My goal is to give them a second life.  Vintage is more affordable, higher quality and holds value. 

What I’m recognizing is, people come to me 1/2 way through the liquidation process because it’s so overwhelming and they are ready to give up.

There are many solutions and my services are available in the Miami Florida area.  

Send an email to or call 312-505-6373 and happy to consult with you free.