If you specialize in estate jewelry, vintage designer clothing, men’s vintage, vintage costume jewelry, hats, textiles handbags, dresses, sweaters, shoes, or accessories of any kind, please join us! We are now taking deposits for February 16/17 2024. We are expanding hours for 2024 we’ll keep you posted. Hours for 2024 are Friday Feb 16, 9am to 12pm early birds, 12pm Friday 16 General Admission.

FAQ’s adding to this frequently so check back.

Space Options

  • 10×12 – $475 (Add $25 for a corner)
  • 10×24 – $825 (Add $25 for a corner)

Tables are not included in booth fee.

  • 6ft table – $15
  • electric- $25

The application requires a $250 deposit that will be subtracted from your total if accepted. If you are not accepted for some reason, you’ll be refunded in full.