Buying vintage

Interest in vintage is on the rise because it's high quality, allows an expression of uniqueness, and is often more affordable than new items of similar quality.  Everything old is new again.  It's a great source of inspiration for costume designers, apparel design teams, vintage apparel enthusiasts, fabric designers etc.

Vintage clothing lasts.  It's less "disposable" than it is today. It was made to last.  Quality takes a hit with mass production and today, clothing is cheap in comparison.

vintage glasses at the vintage garage chicago

Buying the best vintage you can afford is important.  Anything damaged should be avoided.  Certain things  may be rare, but there are so many great pieces there is no need to settle. If you become fond of a vintage style or era, it’s easy to find out more info about what you are collecting today.

Don't settle, find the perfect item for you.

We will bring vintage textiles, vintage clothing, vintage fabrics, jewelry, shoes, hats and accessories.  all to one spot for 2 days.  50 vendors of all vintage goods.

Nashville Vintage Clothing and Jewelry will be at the Nashville Fairgrounds in February with all the best Nashville has to offer in buying vintage clothing and jewelry. Visit, Visitor info here. 

New to vintage? "What is Vintage?" is a great resource for questions of a new vintage buyer.

Visit the buyers FAQs for more information, or contact us for more questions.

The Nashville Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show will take place in February, once a year at the Nashville Fairgrounds.   The official website is

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Happy Customers at the all new Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show.  A vintage jewelry show in Chicago.
Sell vintage jewelry show in Chicago.  Check out the all new Chicago Vintage clothing and Jewelry show.  Edwardia hand tooled leather handbags at CVCJ.
First in line with the best vintage hats in Chicago! Chicago Vintage clothing and Jewelry show! A vintage jewelry show in Chicago.