Retro Hairstyles

Vintage Hairstyles. Victory Rolls of the 1940's, retro hairstyles are hot at the Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry show!

The visual impact of retro hairstyles tells a story.  From the victory rolls of the 1940’s to the bouffant updos of the 1960’s.  There are tons of retro and vintage hairstyles to choose from, and something for everyone.  Some of the most popular retro hairstyles include: Victory rolls Bouffant updo

Men’s Vintage

Men's Vintage Hat Chicago street Style.

Men’s vintage clothing can be hard to find. It’s worth the extra effort though, because men’s fashions don’t change like women’s. Men typically wear their clothing until it is worn out. They don’t keep their clothes forever like the ladies. This contributes to the scarcity of men’s vintage clothing.When you find