Vintage Jeans

Ever since denim hit the fashion scene in the late 1800’s jeans have been popular.

But did you know vintage jeans are one of the top trends for Spring/Summer AND Fall of 2022?

Here are the top vintage jeans trends for 2022!

Mom jeans:

Proof that everything comes back in style if you wait long enough! For that quintessential look that’s like, totally rad, you can’t get much more 80’s than your acid wash high waist mom jeans. Add big hair and bangles to complete an ensemble that will make any mall rat envious.

High waist jeans:

If mom jeans aren’t your thing, there are many other styles of high waist jeans to suit you. From the tailored high waist jeans of the 1940’s to dramatic 1970’s flare jeans. Bell bottoms and elephant pants, anyone? High waist jeans have been popular through the years for one simple reason: they are flattering!

Boyfriend jeans:

Ahh, boyfriend jeans! Few styles can top the boyfriend jeans for comfort. This relaxed fit style is the ultimate in casual, cozy chic. Typically done in a lighter rinse with cuffed legs, boyfriend jeans offer the same effortless and sexy undone style as grabbing a boyfriend’s lived in flannel as a shirtdress.

Vintage Levis jeans:

Vintage Levis are a classic for a reason. Levi Strauss is the grandfather of American denim and made the first pair of blue jeans in 1873. Levi is the reason that jeans are an enduring staple of Americana fashion. The proof is in the pudding – a pair of antique Levi’s recently sold at auction for nearly 100k!  Check it out! 

From mom jeans to boyfriend jeans

Vintage denim that has already stood the test of time just can’t be beat. Whether vintage Levis are your drug of choice or a classic pair of high waisted jeans, you can’t go wrong. Pick any decade and you’ll be right at home in your classic vintage blue jeans. The fascination with denim is not only global but here to stay, so whether as an investment in your collection or simply to wear, your vintage jeans will continue to be a relevant item in your closet for decades to come. Jeans are one of the easiest items to dress up or down, day to night, and the limitless styles created over the years offer the ultimate in self expression.

At Nashville Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show our wonderful exhibitors will have vintage jeans for sale to suit every taste. If you’re after Levis high waist jeans, boyfriend jeans, or mom jeans, we’ve got you covered. Come shop with us in February in Nashville!

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