Vintage is an attitude. It’s popular because it’s well-made, long-lasting, and allows for individual expression.

Since at least 2005, vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories have been on the rise. Vintage is more popular than ever. Vintage collectibles are generally well-made and of higher quality. It is frequently less expensive than new items of comparable quality. Its appeal includes being local, green, and sustainable.

So what IS vintage? 

Melissa Sands, the owner of NVCJ broke it down.

“It’s anything 25 years or older, so in the world of vintage, old is good.” Sands says.

What’s so great about it?

“Clothing and jewelry is the hottest thing in the vintage world right now,” she says, “Savvy vintage buyers get the coolest vintage clothing made in the US and Europe, and this show is about bringing it all together under one roof.”

Sands says unlike other categories in the collectible market, clothing and jewelry customers are looking at it as a “lifestyle.”

There are many definitions for the word vintage, and you hear it a lot, but basically, it’s age.

How old is old enough?

The cut off date is what makes it special.  Post 1990, more items went to Asia for production, so you can generally find more well-made items from the US and Europe pre-1990.

Many items made around 1990 are higher quality, and there is a nostalgia factor too.

1990 was the start of a new decade and awesome inventions like the Tamagotchi, Sky Dancers and American Girl Dolls.Lisa Frank ruled the craft and stationary world and Bop-It was a hot game with a great commercial. Clothing and fashion saw trends like jelly shoes, Doc Martens, scrunchies and whatever they were wearing on “Friends”.

Where 1990 may be the newest old out there, and as things get older and harder to find they can be a bit more valuable and sought after.

If you have items from the 1920’s to the 1980’s and you aren’t sure what to do with them, or you think they might be junk, don’t hesitate to ask a local dealer. You may find you get a few bucks for items you thought were worthless.

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