Christmas pins came from the evolution of the Christmas corsage.  They were made of bits of foil, faux flowers, ribbon etc. Popular prior to ww11 and beyond these are very collectible themselves.   It's obvious out of all the Christmas jewelry there is is, Christmas tree pins are the most popular. You can also collect Santa, sleighs, reindeer, candle pins. There are a lot of possibilities.

They represent the spirit of the holiday season and add a little sparkle to your coat.  From sparkling rhinestones, sterling silver, bakelite or from various other materials, there are many to choose from.

Many of the popular costume jewelry makers made vintage Christmas pins. Swarovski, Hollycraft, Art, Weiss, Heidi Daus, Mylu, Vrba and so many more.  I would have to say that Swarovski pins, beginning in the early 1990's seems to be the most expensive to collect currently. Swarovski makes really good quality jewelry.  I believe it will only increase in value over time.

A great example of vintage rhinestone Christmas tree pin.  This one is all prong set in a gold tone and notice the candles on the sides. This piece is unmarked.  I have seem similar examples by Weiss and other quality makers. 


Vintage Weiss Christmas Tree pin with candles and prong set rhinestones. The Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry show is coming in February in Edgewater.

A sweet 1940's Santa pin. This one features the bottle brush wreath, little tiny pinecones and Santa himself! 

vintage Christmas Jewelry at the Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry show. Bottle brush wreath with an adorable Santa.

As far as rhinestone trees goes, this is my favorite.  (these are all currently pieces in my collection) A HUGE 3 1/2 inch Christmas tree pin by Hobe. The quality is exceptional. 

vintage Christmas Jewelry. 1970s Rhinestone Christmas tree brooch by Hobe at the Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry show event. Edgewater, February.

These types of vintage Christmas pins are my favorites.  Late 1940's mica, glitter and pipe cleaner.  This little snowman has a spun cotton head.  

Sparkling Mica and glitter vintage Christmas tree pin. A little snowman. Chicago vintage clothing and jewelry show, February.

1970's gold tone Christmas tree pin with colorful rhinestones, unsigned. Vintage Christmas tree pin multiple stones green red blue amber pin.

Late 1940's bottle brush tree wreath with beads, snow and a reindeer!   I love the ribbon accent.  

Bottle brush wreath vintage Christmas tree pin. a great reindeer and green beads and a green bow. Chicago vintage clothing and jewelry show, February.

This one is different.  An enamel stocking overflowing with presents and a few rhinestones to give it some sparkle.  This one is signed ART. Not all Christmas pins are trees!


A sterling silver reindeer, made in Taxco Mexico.  Home to world famous sterling jewelry makers.  This piece is signed CA and is known to be an unattributed mark from the 1930's.  What a great piece and an excellent vintage Christmas tree pin find! 



Sterling silver Taxco Reindeer pin. 1940's era. See this and more at the Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show, Edgewater in February.

Tips for collecting vintage Christmas pins

  • Buy the best quality you can afford.
  • Do not buy damaged pins unless you know it's an easy fix.
  • There are so many great examples hold out for what you want.
  • Research and know the style you are looking for.
  • Wear them! Show them off.
Collecting Vintage Christmas Tree Pins