The Galvin Family at Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry
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ShytownGirl Vintage


Lisa of ShytownGirl Vintage is a long time vendor of vintage. Midcentury era is her favorite. We’ve been lucky to have her at Vintage Garage and couldn’t be happier to have her at the clothing show. Her merchandise is some of the best and extremely affordable.   Find out what her favorites are, what she collects and some of the cool stuff she’s bringing to Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry SHOW!

Lisa Galvan

Business Name:
Shytowngirl Vintage

How long?:

I started in the vintage business when I was 8! My mom and I would go to garage sales every weekend. She would collect depression glass and I would collect Avon bottles! We would do area flea markets to sell our extras and anything else we no longer wanted from our weekly treasure hunting! In the late 90s, I started selling online on EBay. In 2011, I moved into the Lincoln Antique Mall where I currently have a space. I started doing Vintage Garage Chicago in 2014. 2018 will be my fourth season as a full-season vendor at the garage. I was proud to be a part of the Chicago Vintage Clothing & Jewelry Show last year and I’m very excited about this year’s show!

Vintage Fashion

From the time I was born, fashion was always a part of my life. My grandmother owned her own clothing boutique here in the city and I would ‘help’ her many days when I was a kid back in the 70s! I wish I had some of the inventory she had back then! I’ve always sold vintage jewelry & accessories since my early flea market days with my mom. Since the time I’ve been selling at Lincoln Antique Mall & Vintage Garage Chicago I’ve expanded the amount of clothing I sell.

Are you a collector?
Yes! I have lots of little collections.


I collect Midcentury modern art, Holt Howard kitchen collectibles, lucite and Bakelite purses, artisan and nice costume jewelry, head vases and art pottery.

What’s a favorite piece you can’t sell?
It’s tough to pick just one! I have a John Eastlake artist proof picture that hangs in my entryway that I really love. It’s a colorful rainbow psychedelic picture of ladies from the mid 70s that I found at a sale for $10! 

What’s your favorite thing to sell?
I love Midcentury design so I focus on things from that era to sell! I love it all so I not only sell clothing, jewelry and accessories from that era, but housewares as well.

What sells fastest?
I try to price all of my items reasonably based off of how much I pay for them. I very rarely price items top dollar. What’s most important to me is that everyone leaves my booth happy with their purchases and they’ve found a good home. I think people like quality items at fair prices, so those kinds of things sell the fastest at our booth whether it be clothing, jewelry or accessories. They also want items that translate well to 2018, so I always try to keep that in mind when I make purchases.

Where are you from?
I’ve always lived on the far northwest side of Chicago!

Vintage Shop Online

Currently, I only sell occasionally on EBay (my username is Aunteaq). You can view items that I’m bringing to Vintage Garage Chicago, the Lincoln Antique Mall and the Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show on my Instagram and Facebook pages- @shytowngirlvintage!

Are you bringing anything extra special to the show?
 I’ve been saving items for this show all year so be sure to stop by both days because I’ll have new items each day!

See Lisa March 8/9 at the Chicago Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show click for Visitor Info! 

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